Once we get the chance to get this products section of the web page working, there will be some various goodies and hard to find electronics gadgetry here for sale.

In our inventory, we have a selection of various professional audio connectors including Neutrik NC3FX/MX black and goldplated XLRs, Speakon, TT(tiny telephone) for patch bays, Canare BNC and RCAs, EDAC/ELCO pins/headers and shells, Switchcraft mini XLRs(TA4/5) and many others.

Along with connectors, we have some various types of audio cabling for mic cabling, speaker and patchbay construction.

As the years have progressed, we've collected a pretty good inventory of analog and digital electronic parts specific to professional audio equipment. We'll try and post a few of these items such as op-amps and transistors so that any of you do-it-yourself audio gurus can have another resource locally to acquire some of these parts for your repairs or designs.

Bear with us a little longer until we can get this section of the web page completed with some pictures, descriptions and prices of these goodies.